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Joystick Adapters Back in Stock!

We finally received our delayed parts order and got more TI-99/4a to Atari 2600 Joystick Adapters built!

Also, in case you haven’t heard already, there is a very talented eBayer seller making 3D printed cases for these adapters!  We will have a few to sell here on our site soon but we just aren’t quite ready to get them listed yet.  If you need a case for your joystick adapter please check out Paez3D on eBay!  These cases fit very nicely, they are good quality, sleek and match the TI-99/4a design so well!  Check them out for yourself!

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Resound and Lo-tech MIF Cards are Back in Stock!

After much assembly we are happy to have more cards back in stock.

The Resound 4 Channel OPL3 Sound Cards are back in stock and are still on sale!

We have also completed another batch of the Lo-tech MIF IPC B cards, so you can find more of those in stock as well.

The feedback we have received on the Resound cards has been great!  We have some other cards in the works so please stay tuned…

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Celebrating LGR’s review of the Resound 4 Channel OPL3 with a SALE!

We are celebrating an exciting day with a SALE on our Resound card! When we saw Clint from LGR (Lazy Game Reviews) had posted a review using our Resound OPL3 Sound Card we couldn’t believe it and were delighted with what he had to say!  You can see the review here:

Kevin (Resound creator, owner and my husband) has been a fan of classic adventure style games like Kings Quest, Space Quest, The Secret of Monkey Island and the like since he was a kid.  So needless to say when we saw Clint’s tweet about Chuck Jones: Space Cop of the Future by Jake S. Del Mastro we were super stoked!

Take some time and check out is development blog to see more of this fabulous game as it grows to completion!  He has a lot of great details and we are very excited to see it finished!

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Introducing the Resound OPL3 – 4 Channel Sound Card 8-Bit ISA and Inventory Updates

Well we have finally finished that “secret” card we have been promising and are happy to announce our brand new Resound OPL3 – 4 Channel 8-Bit ISA Sound Card!

Kevin even made a video to show you all it can do and to give you some details about it’s design.  Check it out…

As I’m preparing this post we sold one! Hooray!  It will be en route Monday, thanks!

We have also finished more Lo-tech 1MB RAM cards and they are, of course, available in ENIG.

In the works now are more Lo-tech Compact Flash Adapter cards, just waiting for the parts to arrive, which should be here in a few days.  We restocked them last week and before we even had a chance to post about the new stock, all but one sold.  So we will be making twice as many this time.  Thanks to all of you who bought them and we will have more, likely next week!

We do have a few more cards in the pipeline and maybe a new Lo-tech card.  Hopefully we will here from James soon.  Stay tuned…

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Lo-tech MIF Cards Back in Stock & Introducing the 8 Bit ISA Prototyping PCB

We are happy to have the Lo-tech MIF IPC B (PCB Only) and Lo-tech MIF IPC B back in stock.

Brand New from TexElec is an 8 bit ISA Prototype Card for Vintage PCs!  Please take a look at the product for more details.

We are still working on the card I mentioned in my last post, but it should be completed very soon.  Just waiting on our PCB order and assembly will be quick!

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Lo-Tech 2MB EMS Cards and Other Inventory Updates

We have completed assembly of some Lo-Tech EMS 2MB cards produced with ENIG!

The boards for the Lo-tech MIF IPC B (PCB Only) and Lo-tech MIF IPC B are due to arrive anytime now.  We will list the PCBs and get some assembled shortly thereafter.

We also have a BRAND NEW card we will unveil around the same time.  It’s completely different and we can hardly wait to share it with you!  Stay tuned…

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Shipping Destinations Expanded and Inventory Restock Updates

We are thrilled to announce that we have opened up shipping to international buyers and we have restocked a few of our out of stock items with PCB’s made with ENIG!

Shipping Destinations Expanded:

After requests started coming in for international shipping we thought, why wait?  Since we have already shipped to Canada, Portugal and Australia upon request and have been filling international orders via eBay we decided to go ahead and open up our store to past successful shipping destinations!  These additional areas include Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Europe, South Korea, Japan and Mexico.  Here is a map showing all of the areas where we are currently providing shipping services:

TexElec Shipping Areas

For more information about shipping please click here to visit our Shipping page.

Inventory Restocks:

We have TI-99/4a Atari 2600 Joystick Adapters back in stock and are making more to ensure we don’t go out of stock again.  To our delight these are GREAT sellers and we have only had positive feedback!

Also back in stock are the Lo-tech EMS 2 MB (PCB Only), Lo-tech 1MB RAM (PCB Only), Lo-tech ISA XT CF Adapter rev. 2b (PCB Only) and Lo-tech ISA XT CF Adapter rev. 2b and have all been manufactured with ENIG.  The days of HASL are over, it’s ENIG for all from here on out!

Soon we will restock the Lo-tech EMS 2MB, Lo-tech MIF IPC B (PCB Only) and Lo-tech MIF IPC B.  These will be produced using ENIG as well.

We also have a couple of new boards in the making.  They are still in the beta phase but we hope to have them completed shortly and we can hardly wait to unveil them!  More details to come so stay tuned.

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Welcome to the Soft Launch of TexElec!

Welcome to our store, and thanks so much for stopping by!  We are finally ready to go live and begin servicing the DIY Retro PC & Gaming market.

We are calling this a soft-launch as we just completed the site and want to make sure we have all of the bugs worked out.  While we don’t anticipate any issues, please be patient if we make a mistake, or delay an order due to an issue with the store.  We will make sure you get your items, and will strive to get them to you quickly.

Initially, we will be selling to the USA only for our launch.  The reason for this is that the boards we are selling right now are HASL based, which means they contain lead.  This process has been used for many years, and nearly every silver PC card you’ve seen from the 1980’s to today likely uses this process.  The cost is slightly lower on these boards, but it is actually more durable than the ENIG finish, which is the more common gold looking finish.  (Hard gold may be considered later, but the cost is fairly high in low volume, so we will need to wait.)

We placed this order to ensure the boards were made correctly from the PCB manufacturer, and keep the cost low in the event of a failed batch.  Thankfully, they all worked out great!  We will place a larger order next time for ENIG boards and then we start selling globally.  We will likely place that order in two-three weeks as the other boards sell.

Please take a look around the store, and let us know what else we should add.  We plan to expand products soon, and are already working on a few more items right now.  We welcome any suggestions, or if you have a product you want to take to market, let us know!