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The Resound New Wave MCA is coming soon!

We’ve been working on this card for many months now, and I will need to type documentation longer than the Magna Carta to describe all of the features and caveats of this card. Honestly any Sound Blaster MCA or variant will encounter varying issues on different microchannel machines. But more on that later.

Thanks so much to Eric (aka TubeTimeUS) for the design of the original Snark Barker MCA and some assistance along the way. I decided to modify the card to be surface-mount and add an OPL3 instead of the original OPL2. I also removed the microphone input to save a little cost and used the same premium opamp circuit I use on our other Resound cards. In addition, I modified the roll-off filter used on the original Sound Blaster to a higher frequency. It may cause noise on some lower quality samples, but 22 & 44khz samples sound much less muddy. There were a few other minor changes, but they do not affect functionality. All the parts have finally showed up after numerous delays, but for now, here is a quick video of the card in action!

We should have them on sale in a few days after posting this video, so stay tuned and thanks for taking a look!

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The SNES Adapter for Attack of the PETSCII ROBOTS

This video describes how the SNES adapter works for The 8-Bit Guy’s new game Attack of the PETSCII ROBOTS. It discusses the pinout for the connector, how it was designed to work on multiple systems and how to connect the power and audio to the Commodore Pet. There is also some bonus footage at the end showing the construction of the adapters. Thanks for watching!

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Update to the IBM PS/2 to Standard Floppy Adapter

First, we have the adapters back in stock! More importantly, we want to make you aware of a small issue.

If you have one of the original adapters with a yellow resistor pack, and you are having issues, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to chat with you about fixing this issue.

Please read Kevin’s details below, we have also added this information to the top of the product description:

The first batch of floppy adapters we sold had a few reported issues, so I took some time earlier this week to perform more extensive tests.  With only one adapter and one standard floppy or HxC, they work very reliably from several tests.  I was able to get some combinations of floppy drives to work using two adapters, but they did hesitate at times and could cause disk read errors.   Others would not work together at all, or only one drive would work properly.  The original design seems to be unreliable in certain combinations.  After some analysis we changed the resistor pack values to a less aggressive value and now all my standard floppies work together fine or standalone.

There is one bit of bad news however, the adapter will not work as a second or primary drive while using an original IBM drive.  I thought I had tested this before, but I realize now that I only made sure the drive would get through post, which it will without issue.  However, it will not work with one of the adapters installed.  This is what bogged me down this week and why we are a little later than planned on the release of the second batch.  Sadly though, I have not been able to answer why and at this point I want to make sure anyone who wants an adapter understands the limitations.  Fortunately, I suspect most folks are looking for a single drive to work in the PS/2, and it is certainly fine for that.

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LGR Reviews the Resound 2 MCA OPL3 / Adlib Clone

LGR has allowed me to procrastinate on another video I should have made to show this card! He does a quick blerb on our new Resound 2 MCA OPL3! It’s a great way to see the installation of the card, as well as a demo of it in action. Check it out here:

Here is a link to the card in our store:

And thanks again Clint!

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New Prototype Complete! Resound 2 MCA aka PS/2 Microchannel!

Pardon the mess, but it works! Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself, here is our latest working prototype the Resound 2 MCA! What is it? It’s a stereo Yamaha OPL3 (OPL2/Adlib compatible) sound card for the IBM PS/2 microchannel bus! I don’t usually like to show prototypes, but it was just too exciting hearing sound from a PS/2 machine this evening, so I had to show it!

TubeTime recently completed a replica of the Adlib for the MCA bus and I was very interested in the heart of his card, the P82C611 MCA bus controller. After doing quite a bit of deciphering of datasheets and schematics I was able to adapt the OPL3 chip to work on it just fine! The P82C611, while a bit difficult to get a hold of, does give me a lot of ideas… 🙂

I am performing a few minor fixes to the card, and I will be send off for them very soon and hope to have them available for sale within a month!

BTW… We have several new products coming out soon. I was doing a lot of design work during the lockdown, and a few things are about to hit the pipeline. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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SAAYM Pre-Release Sound Card

Happy Thanksgiving from TexElec! We hope you’re having a great holiday! I have a quick update to share on the SAAYM dual SAA1099 & YM2151 ISA sound card. I spent about a week tweaking the audio levels and incorporating several changes into the card to get it where it needed to be. I sent it off for a small pre-production run a little over a week ago. Late last evening, DHL showed up with our boards and we immediately went to work building one. Just after midnight, our first test was immediately a success! The card is now recognized as a CMS / Gameblaster and works with DOS games which support it. SBVGM v1.7 by OPLx also supports this card and will playback VGM/VGZ files in DOS on real HW! There are a few more cool features on this card I will discuss in more detail upon release which I hope to be in the next few weeks! I have a few minor physical tweaks to do, but here is a sneak peek of what the final card will look like. Take care everyone!