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Dual SAA1099 & YM2151 ISA Sound Card “SAAYM” Demo – Commander X16 Audio System

Hey Everyone! I’ve been working on a ISA card for the PC with 2 SAA1099s & 1 YM2151. It’s not complete yet, but it is working, mostly. (I plan Gameblaster / CMS compatibility, but I made a little mistake, which will be resolved.) I designed this so I could tweak the audio circuit for the final system, and have at least part of the Commander X16 sound-system available on another platform. It’s working well enough for a demo, so here goes!

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Commander X16 – The Prototype is Working!

Hello Everyone! Have you been wondering what we’ve been up to all year? We planed to develop and release new products but it seems fate had other plans. Many of you may know that we’ve been working with The 8-Bit Guy on various aspects of the Commander X16 project. As time progressed, we were tasked with developing the motherboard itself! It’s been several long months of reading data sheets, forums, and routing in KiCad; but the prototype machine is complete, and it works! David just completed the second video for his “Dream Computer” series and it explains the system with great detail. Thanks to David and the whole Commander X16 team for making this all possible, it’s really amazing to be part of this project!

(Just as a little inside for my followers, we do have it working @ 8Mhz now, it just didn’t make the cut.)

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Tester with a Yamaha C1 Music Computer Needed!

**UPDATE: We have found a tester. Thank very much to everyone who responded! We will post another update once the card has been fully tested.**

Please share, retweet, help us spread the word however you can. Maybe you have a friend with a nice computer collection or maybe you have one yourself. We need someone who has a Yamaha C1 Music Computer. It looks like this:

James at Lo-tech has designed a Yamaha C1 HDD interface that will allow a CompactFlash card to be used as a hard drive in a Yahama C1 Music Computer. The Yamaha C1 Music Computer uses an MFM hard drive, over time these commonly quit functioning properly which, of course, renders the machine very difficult to use to say the least. Here is the development thread started by James on the Vintage Computer Federation forums.

As you can see, the prototype is ready to go, now we just need someone to test it for us:

Please contact us if you have a Yamaha C1 Music Computer and would be willing to do some testing.

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New Commodore 64/128 Prototype Card and 8-Bit Guy’s Dream Computer

We’re happy to introduce another prototyping board to our catalog. Take a look at the Commodore 64/128 Cartridge Port Prototype Card v1.0 for more details. You may find it handy for your next Commodore project!

Kevin and I met David Murray at Retropalooza back in October, you may have seen a post or two about our visit there here on our blog. On a side note the coupon code from that post is still good in the store. Anyway, it would seem Kevin and David have a lot in common because since that meeting they have been getting together to work on various projects. So when David reached out to Kevin about his dream computer, he was intrigued. Next thing I know Kevin is… well… just take a look…

We have ordered a small run of PCBs for the Video Development Board for the Commander 16 Prototype so we will have them available soon.

Stay tuned, we have more headed your way!

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KeyTronic “Foam and Foil” Capacitive Pads are Back in Stock!

I’ve got more “Foam and Foil” Capacitive Pads for KeyTronic Keyboards stocked now and they go fast! I am punching up more each day as well as getting more material ready to try avoid going out of stock again. The weather has been cutting into curing time as humidity can make this take a bit longer. Please rest assured I am doing what I can to stay in stock, hopefully I am ahead of the game now. However, if do you arrive at the store only to find they are gone again, just send me an email and I will personally contact you as soon as I have more listed again.  Thank you for your patience!


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Retropalooza VI

We attended and even had a booth at the very first Retropalooza six years ago!  Back then we were selling old carts, consoles and other fun retro goodies.  Our kids were much younger then but still had fun helping us work the booth.  😄  We also met one of the Game Chasers and even had him sign an Atari 2600 E.T. cartridge, which we still have.

This year we didn’t get a booth, however, we will be attending just for fun and to meet some more people in this great community!  This year Retropalooza VI has a great line up of guests and it looks like it will be a ton of fun for everyone.  We are very excited!

So if you are planning on attending, hopefully we’ll see you there and maybe you’ll find a sweet business card with a sweet coupon code.  😉  We hope to get some photos, if we do we’ll post them along with a sweet coupon for all of our Internet friends as well! 💗

Retropalooza on Facebook
Retropalooza on Twitter


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KeyTronic Keyboard “Foam and Foil” Replacement Pads are Back!

After a couple of SOL users were having issues with the pads working consistently and some experimentation along with lots of input from the vintage computer community we decided the closed cell foam I was using was just a tad too short for the SOL.  Since I was going to be changing the foam anyway, and had requests for foam more like the original KeyTronic pads, I thought meeting customer demand was the way to go! I went ahead and moved away from the closed cell foam and opted for more resilient and taller open cell foam that is just like the OEM foam.  Now the keys feel more like they did when they were new from KeyTronic.  You can find the new pads here:

These new pads have officially been successfully tested on the following computers: Compaq Portable, Apple Lisa and the Franklin Ace 1000.

We would love to add your computer to the official tested list after installation. Please don’t hesitate to write a review here on the product listing or you are welcome to just send an email letting us know about your experience using these pads!

Our goal is to provide fully assembled pads that require no deconstruction, cleaning, cutting, punching or gluing for all KeyTronic keyboard restorations. All feedback is welcome and appreciated!

To see the saga of the pad revisions you can visit this older blog post.  It includes links to the forum where the vintage computer community gathered to help me get this all figured out.  It also contains photos of the machine Kevin built to help me make these pads more efficiently!

Here is a short video of a very nice customer installing these new pads in his Apple Lisa:


He used a nifty tool from a wax/pottery/clay carving and spatula set on Amazon or eBay. Here are just two examples to help get you started looking for these tools if you don’t already have a tool you can use: