Lo-tech TRS-80 IDE Adapter rev. 2


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This is also known by some as the “El-Cheapo” IDE interface.  In its current state, it can be used with a TRS-80 Model III, 4, 4P or 4D.  The included cable will connect to your machine and all you will need is a DOM IDE disk module such as the PQI Industrial 128mb DOM or other similar DOMs as well as a boot disk for the OS of your choice.  64mb or 128mb should be sufficient as the TRS can only support small disk partitions and most OSs can only support a max of 4 – 8mb partitions.  CPM only supports 1 – 5mb partition so more than 128mb is just overkill. You may be able to use a compact flash card with an IDE adapter, or even an older PATA IDE hard drive.  Experience will vary and you will need an external power source to power them.  This device provides power on pin 20 of the IDE interface which works natively with most Disk Modules.  The PQI modules have had the most testing, so they are recommended.

The adapter is currently supported by LDOS, LS-DOS & CP/M.  For more information on setting this up and creating your boot disk of choice please see the Lo-tech TRS-80 IDE Adapter rev. 2 wiki.  The Model 4P also supports auto-booting now.  You may also want to see the Tandy section of the Vintage Computer Federation forum.

Currently, we only have a Tandy Model 4 and we have not been able to get LS-DOS working in our configuration.  CP/M is working just fine and has been used to test all of our hardware.  We are still working on this and will modify the listing when we are able to get it to work.  Others on the Vintage Computer Forum have had success, so it may be something specific to our Tandy, or we are just doing something wrong. 🙂  We just want to let you know that the hardware is working fine, and each board is new and has been tested.

IC U2 is socketed and can be replaced with a 74HCT640 for use with a Model II, 12, 16, 16B & 6000.  You will also need an adapter for these machines. For more info on the needed adapter, see the Hans-01 or Hans-02 adapters on Ian’s TRS-80 Universe website found in the Rietveld.  I know some have also experimented with the Model I and I would recommend either the Quinnterface or the Hard Disk Interface for Model I separately to experiment with this.  Both of these can also be found on Ian’s TRS-80 Universe website found in the New Stuff section.  You can also find all of  these items in dr.ians_junque’s eBay TRS-80 Universe store.

We are selling this with only the power adapter or with the power adapter and the cable in the event that you do not already own the original Tandy hard drive cable.  Please choose the option you need when ordering.

Lo-tech reference pages: the first blog entry, the now bootable blog entry and wiki pages.

Download the disk image here: TRS-80-IDE-Adapter-drivers-r03.zip

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2 in

with Power Adapter Only, with Power Adapter and Cable

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