Our goal is to offer an outlet for vintage computer and retro gaming collectors, hobbyists and do-it-yourself’ers to find ready-made as well as build-it-yourself solutions that work with older hardware. We love making old things work again and in new and different ways and want share to that love with you! We would like to build a place for all of us nerds to come together and make a little money having fun with our passions. If you have a project you would like us to build and sell for you please let us know, we may be able to help.

Now that all of that is out of the way, you may be wondering who are we. Well we are Kevin and Sara and we have been married for 20+ years and have two kids, a high-schooler and a middle-schooler. Unlike many married couples we like working together as well as spending our free time together. We make a great team and we both value the customer experience greatly.

  • My name is Kevin, and my first exposure to electronics was through my father back around 1980 when he was taking electronics classes in college. His 8085 breadboard computer was mesmerizing. After that, no electronic component in the house was safe from disassembly!  We moved through a Vic-20 and then a Commodore 64 where I began to write code for the first time.  When I was 15 I got my first XT clone.  I began working for one of my cousins who wrote dBXL & Clipper applications for small businesses.  My job was building XT & 286 clones, and setting up Novell 1.x / ArcNet networks.  Off and on, I built clone PCs and sold them in the newspaper.  By 17, the guy I was buying parts from offered me a job.  We built 100s of PCs a week sometimes!  I started a programming degree (but never completed) when I was 18, but by 19, I was working the helpdesk for Johnson & Johnson Medical.  I later moved to the Server Ops team and started working on LanManager and the then new Windows NT 3.1.  After a few more years, I moved to Microsoft and stayed there until 2013, when we decided to work for ourselves.  I held several roles within Microsoft, but my primary specialty was networking and TCP/IP services.  Throughout my life, my first love of electronics never lost hold and I started working with Atmel microcontrollers around 2000.  I started writing code in assembly, and later moved to Arduino when it started blossoming.  I’ve built various electronic boards starting when I was 12 for the Commodore up to much more complex boards today.  I still have a lot to learn, and I hope this store will push me to come up with even better products to help others with our same passion.
  • My name is Sara and I am co-owner, wife and mother around these parts. My first encounter with computers was way back in my high school computer class. It was an Apple and I mostly remember the drawing program we used and how it was much different than using an actual paint brush. My first PC exposure was also back in high school and it was a Packard Bell which I mostly used to create spreadsheets so I could make schedules for work. Since then I have used many different programs that range from database development for office processes to graphics programs to assist me in web development. I would consider myself a power user more than a full on “computer nerd”, although it is nice when people mistaken me for one. Since we started selling assembled boards on eBay, my help has been needed in order to get products ready and listed for sale.  This has given me the chance to do a lot of soldering myself and I have to admit, I really enjoy the building process.  That along with packaging and helping our customers is probably my favorite part of our business. If you purchase from our site or even from our eBay store it is very likely that I will be the one preparing your item for shipment.  I take customer service very seriously, I may be a bit old school that way.  If you ever have a question, problem or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to contact me via our contact form!
  • Our oldest, Weston is super smart as well as an amazingly talented artist. He designed these sweet avatars for us and has done voice over work as well as his own illustrations along with animations. If you are interested in some quick and refined graphics just let me know as I feel Wes just may be able to help you!
  • Our youngest, Edison is a budding young musician and full time student dedicated to learning, making people laugh and gaming. He is our most valuable tester.