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Resound and Lo-tech MIF Cards are Back in Stock!

After much assembly we are happy to have more cards back in stock.

The Resound 4 Channel OPL3 Sound Cards are back in stock and are still on sale!

We have also completed another batch of the Lo-tech MIF IPC B cards, so you can find more of those in stock as well.

The feedback we have received on the Resound cards has been great!  We have some other cards in the works so please stay tuned…

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Celebrating LGR’s review of the Resound 4 Channel OPL3 with a SALE!

We are celebrating an exciting day with a SALE on our Resound card! When we saw Clint from LGR (Lazy Game Reviews) had posted a review using our Resound OPL3 Sound Card we couldn’t believe it and were delighted with what he had to say!  You can see the review here:

Kevin (Resound creator, owner and my husband) has been a fan of classic adventure style games like Kings Quest, Space Quest, The Secret of Monkey Island and the like since he was a kid.  So needless to say when we saw Clint’s tweet about Chuck Jones: Space Cop of the Future by Jake S. Del Mastro we were super stoked!

Take some time and check out is development blog to see more of this fabulous game as it grows to completion!  He has a lot of great details and we are very excited to see it finished!