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This card is a replacement for the original Roland MIF-IPC and MIF-IPC-A card, for use by the infamous Roland MPU-401 MIDI adapter.  The MPU-401 was an external device which connected to the PC with an interface cable & card.  The MPU-401 was designed to work with many systems, so it is common to find the unit separated from its card.   This card will allow it to work in your ISA-based PC and is supported by many early DOS games, and early sequencing software, etc.

This version is labeled MIF-IPC-B as it features IBM XT Slot 8 compatibility as well as extended port/IRQ range over the original versions and compatibility with the XT(MIF-IPC) or AT(MIF-IPC-A) card.  A standard 25 pin straight-through cable will be needed to connect the interface to the MPU-401.  Please note, this not a replacement for MPU-IPC or MPU-IPC-T, etc.  It is only meant to work with the original MPU-401.

We test all of our assembled boards, but we do not guarantee compatibility nor are we responsible for any damage to your equipment.  Please treat this board, and your PC as static-sensitive, and never install cards while the power is on.   We test all of our preassembled boards, so there may be a little wear on the teeth.  Non-assembled PCBs will not have this wear.

Lo-Tech reference page: wiki page.

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