RadLib OPL2 Sound Card 8-Bit ISA – AdLib Clone


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It’s RAD! It’s the RadLib from TexElec! A fully functional clone of the original Adlib sound card built as faithfully as possible to the 1990 version of the card. We took painstaking measures to not only get the board to look the same, but all of the components as well. Unfortunately, some of the original parts are no longer available, but it is as close as possible with 2018 parts. Like the original card, it is not configurable and hardcoded to port 0x388, so no need to make any changes. Just plug it in to any computer with an 8 or 16 bit ISA slot and select Adlib in your favorite Vintage DOS games! Adlib cards are going for crazy money today, so why not be Rad with the Radlib!

Many thanks to Schlae on GitHub for the PCB design! His work was released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0, and we appreciate his great replica!

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Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 in

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