Lo-tech Yamaha C1 Music Computer IDE Adapter (Assembled Prototype)


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This assembled card is still in testing phases so please contact us if you are interested in having one built so that you may try it out. We will have to order parts as we do not keep them in stock so there will be a small wait time. Please read the following warning and description carefully.

Warning: This is a prototype card, it has not yet been tested. We are selling it now as we have had requests from a few who would like to play around with the prototype. We do not own a Yamaha C1 Music Computer and, therefore, have no way of testing the card ourselves. If you purchase this PCB, please understand that there are no guarantees to it’s functionality and we are not responsible for any damage caused to your machine.

This is a bootable storage adapter specifically for the Yamaha C1 music computer. The C1 was supplied either with dual floppy drives, or one floppy and an MFM HDD. This adapter can be used in either machine and has a special customized ROM to enable the machine to boot from the device. Any 16-bit ATA media can be attached (standard hard drives, SD-Cards via an adapter, or CompactFlash). The PCB itself is a through-hole design and replaces the Yamaha MFM controller daughter board (fitted in HDD equipped models).

The board uses standard ATA register mapping and uses the XT-IDE Universal BIOS configured for generic 16-bit IDE controller at 1F0h. The XTIDE Universal BIOS itself (R600) has been integrated into the custom system ROM images provided below.

Please visit the Lo-tech wiki page for details how to use this board.

Here is the development thread started by James on the Vintage Computer Federation forums.

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