IBM PS/2 to Standard Floppy Adapter


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Has your old IBM PS/2 ‘planar’ floppy drive stopped functioning?  Or would you like to add a second floppy drive, or better yet, a Gotek or HxC floppy emulator?  If so, then we have the solution for you!  This adapter will allow you to connect a standard 3.5″ floppy drive to your PS/2.  Some PS/2 systems use a standard floppy cable, so please make sure your model uses the edge-connector or ‘planar’-style connector as pictured.  You only need a working drive, and this adapter to get up and running.  No jumpers are required, the drive is auto-selected by the physical slot on the system.

Please note you will need a reference disk for your system to add or remove floppy drives.  There currently isn’t a solution for properly mounting a replacement drive, and it will likely not line-up with the original floppy case cut-out.  However, if the plate is removed from the front of the case, the drive is accessible.

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