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Christmas SID – A STM32-SID-PLAYER Christmas Ornament – Coming soon?

The Christmas SID is based on the the STM32-SID-PLAYER by Bakisha on GitHub. This is a really cool little project designed to play SID files back on the Blue Pill STM32 ARM development board. When I first became aware of this project, I really wanted to use in something, but I wasn’t really sure what. Way too late in October, I finally decided it would be a neat Christmas Ornament! I made the board and ran it naively hoping it would just work the first time. Well, it did work, sort-of. But, not well enough for production. So I quickly made some changes and ran another board. So there is still a chance we could get them out towards the middle of the month. That means I couldn’t resist making a quick video however, so please enjoy!

If we do happen to get the PCBs in soon, and they work, I will make an update post asap to get them out for sale!

See it in action here:

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TexElec will be at VCF Midwest on Sept. 11-12

Hey everyone, this is Kevin with TexElec! I just wanted to let everyone know I’ll be attending the Midwest Vintage Computer Festival on September 11th and 12th in Elmhurst, IL. I’ll be at the 8-Bit Guy’s Booth with him and the Commander X16 prototype. If you have a minute, stop by, squeeze through the crowd of people who aren’t there to see me, and say hi. David told me a few weeks back that LGR will be at the booth directly next to us. So, if you’re wondering who the weird spare guy standing between the two famous people is, well, that would be me. 🙂

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The Resound New Wave MCA is coming soon!

We’ve been working on this card for many months now, and I will need to type documentation longer than the Magna Carta to describe all of the features and caveats of this card. Honestly any Sound Blaster MCA or variant will encounter varying issues on different microchannel machines. But more on that later.

Thanks so much to Eric (aka TubeTimeUS) for the design of the original Snark Barker MCA and some assistance along the way. I decided to modify the card to be surface-mount and add an OPL3 instead of the original OPL2. I also removed the microphone input to save a little cost and used the same premium opamp circuit I use on our other Resound cards. In addition, I modified the roll-off filter used on the original Sound Blaster to a higher frequency. It may cause noise on some lower quality samples, but 22 & 44khz samples sound much less muddy. There were a few other minor changes, but they do not affect functionality. All the parts have finally showed up after numerous delays, but for now, here is a quick video of the card in action!

We should have them on sale in a few days after posting this video, so stay tuned and thanks for taking a look!

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The SNES Adapter for Attack of the PETSCII ROBOTS

This video describes how the SNES adapter works for The 8-Bit Guy’s new game Attack of the PETSCII ROBOTS. It discusses the pinout for the connector, how it was designed to work on multiple systems and how to connect the power and audio to the Commodore Pet. There is also some bonus footage at the end showing the construction of the adapters. Thanks for watching!