Petskey v1.0 – Keyboard PCB Set for Commodore Pet Graphics Keyboard or Mini PET


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The Petskey Keyboard is sold as a PCB Only and will require the purchase of additional parts to complete assembly.  It is designed to either replace the original Commodore Pet Graphics Keyboard or for use with the Mini Pet from the Future was 8 Bit.  The tactile keyboard provided with the Mini Pet is functional, but not the most comfortable keyboard to type on long-term.  This makes a great add-on for a more genuine experience.

The Petskey keyboard has the same physical size and layout as the original Commodore Pet graphics-style keyboard.  While it is designed to be a direct replacement, it will require some custom fabrication to install in an original Pet.  Lastly, an optional circuit was designed to replace the original shift lock key.  It also includes space for an LED if desired to determine the shift state.

For complete information on how to obtain the necessary parts and assemble the Petskey Keyboard, please read the Petskey Keyboard Documentation.

The Petskey was originally created for The 8-Bit Guy, please see his videos using it below:

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