Commodore 64/128 Cartridge Port Prototype Card v1.0


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This board was designed for DIY projects on the Commodore 64 or 128 cartridge/expansion port. Initially, we planned to only have a breadboard, but we decided it might be handy to also have an EEPROM chip present to run code for your custom hardware.

  • All 44 pins are Exposed on 2×22 2.54mm/0.1″ pitch header
  • 578 Pins for Prototype Use
  • 64k EEPROM with eight 8K selectable banks
  • Reset Button
  • Dip Switches to select or Disable EPROM*

Dip Switches 1-3 selects the bank (000=1, 001=2 … 111=8, etc)
Dip Switches 4 & 5 toggle the /Game and /EXROM lines on the cartridge port
Dip Switches 6 & 7 toggle the /ROML and /ROMH lines on the cartridge port
*If you do not wish to use the ROM simply set all dip switch positions to off and it will be ignored.

Currently, the EEPROM must be programmed externally. In a future revision, we might tie a line from the EEPROM to the Commodore bus if needed to program the IC directly with a custom program. There is one issue on the layout which will be fixed in the next revision of the board. We used a non-standard layout for the reset button, and addressed the issue by using a button which would work in the footprint we used.

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