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We are so sorry, we have been forced to temporarily discontinue this service as all of our 8 inch floppy drives have decided to stop cooperating.

We have a QumeTrak 842 Double-Sided floppy drive with a custom adapter we built to connect it to a PC.  We originally used the drive to create disks for a Tandy Model II as well as an SD Systems MP/M machine.  We use Image Disk 1.18 which is a great utility and is very flexible.  You can also use the HxCFloppyEmulator software to convert virtually any disk format to the IMD or Image Disk format.  So if you can convert it this way, I can make a physical floppy for you more than likely.

We have several 8″ cleaning disks, so the drive is clean at all times.  We also have about 40 Single Sided and a few Double Sided 8″ floppies remaining at this time.  They are all previously used, but tested to ensure they work.  We have made more than 50 disks with this drive, and they have all worked great assuming the source image was good.  If there is enough demand, we can look for more disks.  They are difficult to get these days, so the price may vary based on our costs.

The disks can only be as good as their source.  Image Disk will let you know if a write was bad due to a defective floppy, or if the image has unreadable or corrupt data.  At the time we create disks, we will discard bad floppies, and notify you if the image contains an error.  (Just because there is an image error, does not mean the floppy will not work.  Sometimes, this can still result in a functional, or mostly functional disk.)  It will be your call if you wish to buy the disk at this point, or try another image, etc.  We will not be able to test these disks as we may not have the system they are intended for.  This service is provided at the risk you may receive a non-functional disk.

If you are confident that your images will work and for now, are single-sided, feel free to purchase and drop us an email via our contact form. Please send a link, or instructions on how to access the images.  (If you need double-sided disks, please mail us first.  The cost is the same, but we have very few left so I want to make sure we have what you need before purchase.  Also, if you are not sure if your image will work or not, we can check it out for you to see if it’s one we can produce or not.)

The price of this service includes one used 8″ Floppy Disk with the image of your choice.


We can also make an image of an existing disk for you.  We will do this at no cost with the following provisions:

1. It is a soft sectored single, or double-sided disk.

2. The disk surface is not completely filthy, or covered with Coke, etc.  We want to keep out drive working.

3. You mail the disks to us at your cost, and we get to keep them after reading them into an image file.  We will reuse them to help others get the disks they need for vintage systems.

We will create a disk image in Image Disk, and email it to you.  If the disk is bad, we will send you what we can, and discard the disk.

Please email us with any questions.

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