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Retropalooza VI

We attended and even had a booth at the very first Retropalooza six years ago!  Back then we were selling old carts, consoles and other fun retro goodies.  Our kids were much younger then but still had fun helping us work the booth.  😄  We also met one of the Game Chasers and even had him sign an Atari 2600 E.T. cartridge, which we still have.

This year we didn’t get a booth, however, we will be attending just for fun and to meet some more people in this great community!  This year Retropalooza VI has a great line up of guests and it looks like it will be a ton of fun for everyone.  We are very excited!

So if you are planning on attending, hopefully we’ll see you there and maybe you’ll find a sweet business card with a sweet coupon code.  😉  We hope to get some photos, if we do we’ll post them along with a sweet coupon for all of our Internet friends as well! 💗

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