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Three New PCBs and One Long Overdue Restock

You may have already seen the “new” Lo-tech PCBs we just listed in the store.  They are new as in we are now offering them due to popular demand. 😀 At this time we only have the PCB available for each item, however we are including the compact flash connector/socket for the cards that use them.  We have had the connectors in stock for a while, just by chance, and since they are a bit pricey to buy individually we thought we would include these.  We may decide later to sell some of these cards assembled or even in kit form.  But for now we have had requests from some of you to stock these particular Lo-tech cards, so here they are!  We have previously offered one of these and since we had requests to bring it back here we decided to stock more of those as well!

If there is anything you see on Lo-tech’s site, let us know!  We have a contract with James and are the only Official Lo-tech Partners and can stock any of his boards you may need.  We just need to make sure there is demand before stocking them so don’t hesitate to let us know!

The Lo-tech ISA ROM (PCB Only) has been restocked for good:

Here are the “new” cards we are offering; Lo-tech 8-bit IDE Adapter (PCB Only), Lo-tech XT-CF Adapter for Tandy 1400 Laptops (PCB Only) with Socket, and Lo-tech XT-CF-lite rev.2 (PCB Only) with Socket:

You may have noticed I mentioned that we will possibly be offering some of these in kit form.  Well, we have decided, also due to popular demand, to offer another item we currently sell in kit form.  That is coming soon and I won’t tell you, just yet, which card that will be.  You will just have to wait and see. 😉

Our next card, which is not Lo-tech related but is still totally sweet and RAD, will be another one that many have requested.  If you have been reading our blog posts lately you likely already have a good idea of what it may be. I don’t think you will be disappointed so hold tight for the next sweet sweet surprise…

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