SB MIDI & Joystick Adapter


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The Original Sound Blaster 15-pin joystick port would not only allow you to connect a joystick, but Creative also came up with their own MIDI implementation as well. All Sound Blaster cards with a joystick port, as well as many of the Sound Blaster clones (such as the Resound New Wave MCA) will support a MIDI mode known to many applications as “Sound Blaster MIDI”. While it is not MPU-401 compatible, there are many DOS & Windows applications with support for it. The Windows 3.1 / 95 Midi Mapper will also support external sound devices via SB MIDI. Our card has a MIDI In and Out port, simply connect a standard 5 pin DIN cable to your device of choice.

In addition to the MIDI port, most PC joystick ports are actually two ports in one.  Typically, you would need a joystick splitter cable to plug in two controllers.  However, we added a joystick splitter to this board to make it easy to plug in two joysticks for your favorite two-player games!  We also include a 3-foot extension cable to make it easy to access the adapter.

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