SAAYM 8-bit ISA dual Phillips SAA1099 + Yamaha YM2151 Sound Card – CMS/GameBlaster Clone


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The SAAYM sound card is designed for any vintage PC with a standard 8- or 16-bit ISA slot. It has three separate sound chips on board: 2 Phillips SAA1099 programmable sound generators (PSG) and one Yamaha YM2151 FM synthesizer chip with its accompanying YM3012 stereo DAC. The card mixes all three stereo outputs through a high quality TL072 OPAMP and WIMA film capacitors for the best sound possible. The output is line level and uses a single stereo 1/8” or 3.5mm stereo headphone-style jack for output. Amplified stereo speakers with volume adjustments are required.

This card is a fully functional clone of the original GameBlaster or Creative Music System (CMS) card by Creative Labs. The original card used two SAA1099 ICs to generate sound. This card has the necessary circuitry to allow the CMS driver to load, as well as pass detection by games which probe for and support the CMS.

In addition to support for GameBlaster games in DOS, this card also supports playing back VGM files which support the YM2151.  There is a great program for DOS called SBVGM which now supports the SAAYM card!  Thanks so much to OPLx for assistance adding support for the SAAYM to SBVGM.  For more information, please read the attached documentation.

TexElec SAAYM – Manual

We will have a new video of the card soon, for now, here is a link to the prototype in action:

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