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*PLEASE NOTE: Due to a shortage of ROM chips you may receive our SMT PCB Replacement ROM instead of the DIP ROM chip installed on the card pictured. The SMT PCB Replacement ROM is pictured in the last photo.

This card will provide 32k or 64k of ROM via a flash chip installed on the board.  This chip can be programmed via software within DOS.  It will allow you to add your own custom BIOS extension code for any purpose you may have.  You can select a base address between 0x8000 and 0xF800 and provide either 32k or 64k of memory space.  This board also supports IBM XT slot 8 compatibility.

This card should work in any PC with an ISA slot that supports BIOS extensions. Even without BIOS extensions, you will be able to access the memory on the card within DOS, it just will not present a boot-time message.  To program, we use the Lo-Tech XTIDECFG.COM, which is found under the Lo-Tech Compact Flash adapter Wiki.  To erase the chip, we use the Lo-Tech XT-CF utility flash.exe.  This is available under the Wiki as well.  We ran into issues on at least one system where we could not use the flash utility to program the chip, it will only erase for some reason.  After it erases the chip, you can then use XT-CF Utility to write your contents.  Results may vary, so please try this approach if you run into a problem with the utility.

This card does not have a mounting tab, so please be careful to orient the card the proper direction in the system.  Plugging a card in backwards could damage the card, or your PC.  We test all of our assembled boards, but we do not guarantee compatibility nor are we responsible for any damage to your equipment.  Please treat this board, and your PC with as static-sensitive, and never install cards while the power is on.   We test all of our preassembled boards, so there may be a little wear on the teeth.  Non-assembled PCBs will not have this wear.

Lo-Tech reference page: wiki page.

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