Tandy 1000 to PS/2 Keyboard Adapter


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The Tandy 1000 to PS/2 Keyboard adapter was designed by Scott M. Baker using a small microcontroller to allow easy use of a more modern keyboard on a Tandy 1000.  The original 1000 models use a proprietary 8-Pin DIN connector and only the original Tandy keyboard may be used with it.  While the keyboards Tandy made were good quality, they are increasingly difficult to find and very expensive.

The adapter comes in a small plastic project box complete with an 8-pin DIN cable.  You only need to add a PS/2 keyboard and you’re ready to use your Tandy 1000!  This adapter will support the Tandy 1000, 1000A, 1000HD, 1000TX & 1000SX.

Please note this excerpt from Scott Baker’s post about this project regarding a couple keys of interest:

The backslash and tilde keys. On the Tandy 1000 these are mapped to the numeric keypad, but on a PS2 keyboard these two characters have their own unique keys. At first this sounds like a straightforward mapping, but keep in mind that if the SHIFT key or the NUMLOCK is active, then it would cause the tandy’s numeric keypad to output a number instead of a symbol. So you have to fuss with the shift state and make sure shift is correct when sending the scancode to the Tandy.

Scott Baker’s project details can be found here:

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