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This card is a replacement for the original Roland MIF-IPC and MIF-IPC-A card, for use by the infamous Roland MPU-401 MIDI adapter.  The MPU-401 was an external device which connected to the PC with an interface cable & card.  The MPU-401 was designed to work with many systems, so it is common to find the unit separated from its card.   This card will allow it to work in your ISA-based PC and is supported by many early DOS games, and early sequencing software, etc.

This version is labeled MIF-IPC-B as it features IBM XT Slot 8 compatibility as well as extended port/IRQ range over the original versions and compatibility with the XT(MIF-IPC) or AT(MIF-IPC-A) card.  A standard 25 pin straight-through cable will be needed to connect the interface to the MPU-401.  Please note, this not a replacement for MPU-IPC or MPU-IPC-T, etc.  It is only meant to work with the original MPU-401.

Purchase is for PCB only.  Parts will need to be purchased separately, and assembled. The wiki link below contains a full bill of materials to complete the build, as well as the instructions on how to set the board jumpers. In addition, we have modified the PCB to accommodate a Keystone metal bracket, manufacturer part number: 9200-4 / Mouser part number: 534-9200-4.

Lo-tech MIF-IPC-B reference page: wiki page.

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