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  • RadLib OPL2 Sound Card 8-Bit ISA – AdLib Clone

    It’s RAD! It’s the RadLib from TexElec! A fully functional clone of the original Adlib sound card built as faithfully as possible to the 1990 version of the card. We took painstaking measu


  • Resound OPL3 – 4 Channel Sound Card 8-Bit ISA

    We’re proud to introduce our latest product, the Resound OPL3 Sound card! This card is an 8-bit ISA card, and will work in any PC with an 8 or 16 bit ISA slot. We even tested it in our Packard Bell


  • Lo-tech MIF IPC B (PCB Only)

    This card is a replacement for the original Roland MIF-IPC and MIF-IPC-A card, for use by the infamous Roland MPU-401 MIDI adapter. The MPU-401 was an external device which connected to the PC with an


  • Lo-tech ISA ROM (PCB Only)

    This card will provide 32k or 64k of ROM via a flash chip installed on the board. This chip can be programmed via software within DOS. It will allow you to add your own custom BIOS extension code for


  • Lo-tech 1MB RAM (PCB Only)

    This card is a great solution for older XT machines which are not capable of 640k memory on the motherboard. The original architecture of the IBM XT has 20 address lines which gives a maximum memory s


  • Lo-tech ISA XT CF Adapter rev. 3 (PCB Only)

    This card will allow a compact flash card to be used as a hard drive in an IBM XT or compatible machine. It will also work with ATA-2 compliant hard drives and with SD cards via an FC1306T adapter. ID